The Real Battle

As I sit down to write battles and fires are raging across America's cities and in me.
Jesus said that the hearts of many would grow cold in the last days because evil will become rampant and people would say "Yes" when they really mean "No", and a Lie would be considered a Truth. We appear to be in such a time and place as he described; and I, like many of you find myself growing weary and cold having weathered this evil generation; watching the deterioration since my birth. Coldness seems like a place of refuge at such as this; and Hate is following her lead, both are deterrents to fighting well and surviving. I want to fight well and to do more than survive, I want to thrive! So it follows that I don't want to grow Cold or to fall into the dark well of Hate. It appears the first battle is spiritual, as the battle ground is invisible in the Heart and Mind.
We are instructed by Christ's Apostles to ready ourselves for battle; to put on on the full arm…

Abandoned Cathedral, An Awakening

Abandoned Places are not places of gloom but holders of the past in the present. I find them beautiful, and at times they speak volumes to my soul. Once this place only existed in my mind, and now in yours. How marvelous.
I hear that in many places in the world  Abandoned Cathedrals are taking new shape; many as hotels; indoor fee markets; coffee shops and the like; some are most likely engulfed, like my fictional picture of Duke Chapel, in Durham, NC, and are becoming one with their deteriorating surrounds. Some may think this morbid, but for some it may be like me, they will experience an awakening to the realities of life and death, here and not here.
I believe the sooner I learned the shortness of life and breath, the sooner I choose to get on with life, and maybe, just maybe, I'll continue to be able to look upon the past and it's passing as a celebration of life and knowing I lived to consider it.

Key to The Father's House

If you've taken stock of how this pandemic has thrown the state of our world's financial, health, political, religious, entertainment and personal lives into disarray you may be tempted to loose all hope in this world. Good! Maybe that's the prize you receive for loosing all false hope in what has always been hopelessly trying to be your sense of stability and person-hood. Maybe it’s your time to proclaim your freedom from a misguided and broken system. Then maybe, like the man healed by Jesus of blindness, you will begin to look around you; what do you see? As you surely your surroundings ask yourself, who or what can you work with around you? Ask the Lord to open your eyes that you might see beyond your doubt and despair. It will be then that you will see that the fields are ripe and the sun is up.
In the New Testament, the Gospel of John, chapter 14, Jesus said, "Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me. In my Father's house are many r…

Yesterday's Dream - Abandoned Farmhouse

Once a place where people lived and brought up their children it has now become a reminder of days once was. Standing in what was once the kitchen one can imagine and hear the sound of children filling this empty room; the warmth of family and the passing through of friends and neighbors lingers in the atmosphere of days filled with laughter. Smudged fingerprints, made long ago remain framed by the kitchen entrance, once the doorway to this once warm and youthful space. Entering the room you notice pencil marks on the wall; moving closer you see lines and numbers, each representing a child's height and name scribbled in by the youthful hand of a child. Peering further into the room a shadow now imprints itself onto the place where the stove once set, the floor in front of what once was is worn by the heals of a loving servant to the souls that once filled this place.- boonemyster
Original photo of an abandoned farmhouse along the Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

Destination Uncertain - Abandoned Train Car

You find yourself in an “Abandoned Train Car”, outside the door, outer space; your head is swirling while Rod Serling narrates your experience. “You've entered The Twilight Zone

I took this original photo of a retired train car at the Pollen Park, in Raleigh, NC.  My interpretation of the subject follows the the train as it enters it’s twilight of life; outside are no longer heard the sounds of people hustling to make the noon train, it's now replaced with the sounds of night creatures and the solar winds. The door is open allowing light reflected off the moon to fill the car with a pale light revealing the reds and washing out the blues. Peering out the door one see can see stars hanging in the darkness like beacons beckoning travelers to come and see. But no soul peers from window and dreams of visiting the distant lights for this train is fixed and will never visit the lights for it has traveled it’s last track; the hiss of steam and it’s warm breath are no longer fed by th…

In the Age Of Reason

Have we moved from the Age of Reason to the Age of Reasons and Excuses?

When I did this piece in 2016 the news was filled with the numerous candidates for president who filled debate stages across America. My world and the one that hid itself from my eyes collided for the first time in a long time; but it wasn’t just me, we have all changed our position, in many cases it has lead us apart and we find ourselves in the age of reason facing questions we left to answer at a later date. But suddenly, “like a thief in the night”, later, caught up with us; then and now. 
How can I reason out a thing that is anything but reasonable? Is it reasonable to trust the invisible to manage my invisible enemy?  Is it foolish to trust an invisible god to handle my enemies on my behave? Yes. Well, call me foolish in the Age of Reason.

Hey Google! What is the Age of Reason?
"The Enlightenment, also known as the Age of Reason, was a philosophical movement that took place primarily in Europe and, later, in…

Cold Turkey

When I first did this piece I had my mind on the narcotics problem we face in America, especially the drug this piece is named after. Now as we face a pandemic requiring people all over the world to wear a breathing mask it takes on new meaning for me. Those who are addicted to Oxycontin and the like are suffering right now as their suppliers are facing the same unseen killer the world wrestles against.

While lack of availability is a unique opportunity to come clean, it comes at a very high risk to the addicted; physically and psychologically. Having been legally addicted to Oxycontin and a number of other pain meds over the years managing my chronic pain condition I have became personally familiar with withdrawal; the crawling of my skin and the climbing of the walls in my bathroom scared me and my family more then one night. John Lennon's song "Cold Turkey" best represented the struggle those who go Cold Turkey, whatever the reason the experience is real and frighten…