Abandoned Cathedral, An Awakening

Abandoned Places are not places of gloom but holders of the past in the present. I find them beautiful, and at times they speak volumes to my soul. Once this place only existed in my mind, and now in yours. How marvelous.
hear that in many places in the world  Abandoned Cathedrals are taking new shape; many as hotels; indoor fee markets; coffee shops and the like; some are most likely engulfed, like my fictional picture of Duke Chapel, in Durham, NC, and are becoming one with their deteriorating surrounds. Some may think this morbid, but for some it may be like me, they will experience an awakening to the realities of life and death, here and not here.
I believe the sooner I learned the shortness of life and breath, the sooner I choose to get on with life, and maybe, just maybe, I'll continue to be able to look upon the past and it's passing as a celebration of life and knowing I lived to consider it.


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