The Real Battle

As I sit down to write battles and fires are raging across America's cities and in me.
Jesus said that the hearts of many would grow cold in the last days because evil will become rampant and people would say "Yes" when they really mean "No", and a Lie would be considered a Truth. We appear to be in such a time and place as he described; and I, like many of you find myself growing weary and cold having weathered this evil generation; watching the deterioration since my birth. Coldness seems like a place of refuge at such as this; and Hate is following her lead, both are deterrents to fighting well and surviving. I want to fight well and to do more than survive, I want to thrive! So it follows that I don't want to grow Cold or to fall into the dark well of Hate. It appears the first battle is spiritual, as the battle ground is invisible in the Heart and Mind.
We are instructed by Christ's Apostles to ready ourselves for battle; to put on on the full armor of spirit of God; that we might stand and fight the Good Fight in the evil day. Let that day and hour not be like a thief in the night; it appears night has come this is not the day or hour to hide among the cliffs. Ready yourself if you haven't, begin in your heart and mind; humble yourself before the Lord, seek His face, turn from wickedness, pray for you, and then for our land.
Your prayers are needed and can turn this madness around; hate will only fan the flames. I plan to love and not hate; think and not react.

May peace and safety be restored in our land.


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