Yesterday's Dream - Abandoned Farmhouse

Once a place where people lived and brought up their children it has now become a reminder of days once was. Standing in what was once the kitchen one can imagine and hear the sound of children filling this empty room; the warmth of family and the passing through of friends and neighbors lingers in the atmosphere of days filled with laughter. Smudged fingerprints, made long ago remain framed by the kitchen entrance, once the doorway to this once warm and youthful space. Entering the room you notice pencil marks on the wall; moving closer you see lines and numbers, each representing a child's height and name scribbled in by the youthful hand of a child. Peering further into the room a shadow now imprints itself onto the place where the stove once set, the floor in front of what once was is worn by the heals of a loving servant to the souls that once filled this place.

- boonemyster

Original photo of an abandoned farmhouse along the Blue Ridge Parkway, NC


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